Insinkerator Badger 5


The InSinkErator Badger 5 is a very small garbage disposal for small families. Most importantly, it costs far less than the common garbage disposal units on the market. Those who are already using a garbage disposal or even know a little about it will know the name InSinkErator.

For over 75 years, InSinkErator has been on the market. The Badger 5 garbage disposal is one of InSinkErator’s most popular budget-friendly sink garbage disposals.

The trust and goodwill of InSinkErator will allow many consumers to purchase their sink garbage disposals. But it’s not just those who are using these disposals for the first time, I’ve seen many people replace their old InSinkErator Badger models with the new Badger 5. The reason is the excellent performance these disposals have provided over the years.

If you are a family of less than 4 people and are looking for a medium power garbage disposal that is less expensive than the average unit but made by a reliable manufacturer, I highly recommend that they use the Badger 5 disposer from InSinkErator.

Insinkerator Badger 5: A Quick Review

The Insinkerator Badger 5 is no stranger to waste disposal enthusiasts. The unit is simple in design, durable in construction, and has a moderately strong motor selection. Let’s dive into this machine and see why this unit is one of the best on the market.

Electric Motors

Easily the most important part of garbage disposal is the motor, as it is commonly used for any electrical appliance. It is the heart, the soul, the everything of the machinery. Therefore, it is logical to talk about it first.

The Insinkerator Badger 5 has a ½ HP Dura-Drive induction motor with a speed of 1725 rpm and ½ HP is about 370 W. Hand in hand with the grinding chamber, the machine has enough tools to get the job done with ease. Bones aside, there is little that a machine cannot grind. The Dura Drive technology is actually an upgrade to the general motor, and more specifically to the drive. It involves improving precision and durability, and thus efficiency. Over the past 50 years, Dura Drive has become one of the top drive mechanisms and has been adopted by various manufacturers in different fields.

Grinding Chamber

First, it is completely different from the blade assembly of a blender or processor. It doesn’t even have a blade. Instead, it is a combination of a rotating disc, two impellers and a grinding ring. When the waste touches the disc, the impellers push it against the grinding ring with its “teeth” and break it down into small particles.

The chamber is also made of galvanized steel. “Why not stainless steel?” You want to know? First, galvanized steel is cheaper. Secondly, galvanized steel is not as corrosion resistant as stainless steel, but it is sufficient in ordinary household conditions. With proper maintenance, the motor and chamber will work perfectly fine for more than 10 years, as recommended in the manual.


Before purchasing, you should be aware of the space the unit will take up. insinkerator badger 5 is 12-5/8 inches (32 cm) in height and 6-5/16 inches (16 cm) in width, very similar to a small cylindrical bucket. Easily fits under your sink. Compared to other garbage disposals, the InSinkErator badger 5 is the smallest garbage disposal on the market. The machine is about 14 pounds (6.3 kg).

Continuous Feed

Many people don’t realize that there is more than one way to dispose of waste through waste disposal. There are actually two types of garbage disposal: continuous feed and batch feed. the Badger 5 is continuous feed.

Batch feed systems are batch disposals where you have to put the food into the chamber before the grinder starts. Normally, these systems only operate when the drain cap is in place. So you flip the switch, fill the chamber with your food waste, and once you put the drain cap in, the grinding begins.

Every system has advantages and disadvantages. Most people will choose continuous feed processing because they save time and get the job done efficiently. They are also cheaper than batch feed handling. However, anyone who wants the safest option possible will install a batch feed treatment unit.


The Badger 5 is part of the “Standard Series” of Insinkerator garbage disposals. This is a budget garbage disposal. Therefore, there is no attempt to add any sound insulation to this garbage disposal. If you disassemble the Badger 5, you will find that it does not come with any soundproof foam, which you can find in some premium models. (Example: Insinkerator’s Quiet Series)

But this does not mean that the Badger 5 is very noisy. As mentioned before, it uses an induction motor. Induction motors are less noisy, or at least more pleasant to the ear, than permanent magnet motors. the Badger 5 makes about 80 decibels, which is about as loud as a lawn mower. But since people only run these machines for a few minutes, this noise should not be an issue.


Easy To Install

The Badger 5 garbage disposal is installed using a 3-bolt mounting assembly, which is standard on all InSinkErator garbage disposals. This is a twist-lock assembly made of stainless steel with three long bolts that tighten the disposal unit to the kitchen sink. This mounting assembly makes installation of the Badger 5 very easy. Not only does it securely attach the garbage disposal to the sink, but it also allows you to rotate the disposal slightly to easily connect the plumbing.

The Badger 5’s 3-bolt mount also makes it easy to replace it with any InSinkErator garbage disposal. All you have to do is disconnect the old one and twist and lock the new one! The Badger 5 garbage disposal can be easily installed by any homeowner.

Wiring the Badger 5 Garbage Disposal

Badger 5 garbage disposals do not always come with a pre-installed power cord. You can choose to purchase one, but usually you must install the power cord separately. In some cases, you will have to hardwire the unit to the power supply.

Wiring the Badger 5 is not difficult. When you look at the underside of the Badger 5, you can see the cover that holds its wires in place. Unscrew this cover to expose the two wires from the garbage disposal. There is also an attachment called the “Romex Connector” through which the end of the power cord is inserted into the disposal. Connect the appropriate wires from the garbage disposal to the power cord and secure with the wire nuts. Replace the cover and you’re done. You can also hardwire the garbage disposal to the power supply in this way.


Durability depends entirely on how well you follow the instructions and how well you maintain the disposal. So, it varies from user to user. However, as seen in many consumers, if the usage rate is average, it can easily last more than 5 years as needed for a small family.


The Badger 5 from InSinkErator is a powerful and reliable garbage disposal that has been on the market for decades. But determining if the Badger 5 is right for you will depend largely on your garbage disposal needs. Households with more than 2-4 people usually need more than the 1/2-hp that the Badger 5 offers. If you’re looking for an entry-level garbage disposal system, the Badger 5 could be for you.

Alternatively Insinkerator’s Evolution range can give you a more powerful waste disposal system with many new features in its premium range. If you’re looking for a more powerful motor and a quieter garbage disposal, you can also check out the InSinkErator Evolution Compact.