Guide To Installing Or Replacing A Garbage Disposal

You’ll be happy to know that Insinkerator Garbage Disposals are the easiest to install, remove and replace.

1. Turn off the power to the garbage disposal and disconnect the drain.

Turn off power to the fuse box or circuit breaker. Then, using adjustable pliers, disconnect the top of the drain from the garbage disposal waste discharge pipe.

2. Remove the garbage disposal from the mounting assembly.

Support the garbage disposal with one hand and insert the end of a wrench or screwdriver into the right side of one of the mounting lugs on the lower mounting ring. Gently lift the garbage disposal and loosen the lower mounting ring by pushing or pulling the wrench or screwdriver to the left until the garbage disposal is released from the mounting assembly.

3. Disconnect the power supply.

Place the garbage disposal on its side and remove the electrical cover from the bottom. Loosen the green ground screw and remove the wire connector. Disconnect the garbage disposal cord from the power cord. Loosen the screw on the electrical clip connector and remove the cord from the garbage disposal.

4. If you need to replace the hardware, remove the existing installation hardware. Otherwise, skip to step 12.

To remove the existing mounting hardware, loosen the three mounting screws, pry open the snap ring with a screwdriver, and remove the old mounting assembly.

5. Remove the old sink flange and putty.

Push the old sink flange upward through the sink hole. Using a screwdriver or putty knife, carefully scrape all the old putty off the edge of the sink.

6. Install the new sink flange, gasket and ring.

Place a 1/2″ piece of plumber’s putty rope around the drain of the sink. Place the new sink flange into the drain and press it into place. Placing a heavy object (such as a garbage disposal) on top of the sink flange will help hold the sink flange in place when installing it into the sink. To avoid scratching the sink or flange, place a towel between the sink surface and the weight. From under the sink, slide the fiber optic gasket, backup flange and mounting flange onto the sink flange. Secure these parts in place.

7. Remove the dishwasher knockout plug.

If using a dishwasher, you will need to tap out the dishwasher knockout plug. Place the garbage disposal on its side and tap it out with a screwdriver and hammer. Next, remove the loose knockout plug from inside the garbage disposal.

8. Connect the electrical appliances.

Hardwired unit:

Turn the garbage disposal over and remove the electrical cover. Pull out the wires. Insert the cable connector and route the cable through the access hole in the bottom of the garbage disposal. Tighten the cable connector. Push the wires into the garbage disposal unit and replace the electrical cover.

Wired units:

For garbage disposal using the factory-installed cord, simply plug it into the outlet under the sink after completing the rest of the steps.

9. Hang the garbage disposal.

Hang the garbage disposal by aligning the three mounting tabs with the upper slide ramp on the mounting ring. With the garbage disposal in place, turn the lower mounting ring until all three tabs are locked into the mounting assembly. The garbage disposal will now hang itself.


Lifting and Latching Disposal:

Lift the disposal with both hands. Gently turn the disposal clockwise until all 3 mounting tabs are seated on the ridge of the upper slide.

10. Insert the discharge tube.

Insert the discharge tube into the discharge coupler, then slide the clip onto the discharge tube and position it in the groove of the rubber tailpipe coupler.

11. Align the discharge tube with the drain trap.

Rotate the waste disposal unit so that the discharge tube is aligned with the drain trap. If the discharge tube is too long, cut off as much as possible. If it is too short, you can purchase an extension cord.

12. Lock the garbage disposal in place.

If you are connecting the garbage disposal to the dishwasher, it may be connected through the air gap. Use the hose clamps to connect the drain hose to the dishwasher inlet. Now that everything is installed and in place, use the wrench included with the unit to lock the garbage disposal to the sink mounting assembly. For Evolution models, insert the Quiet Collar sink stop into the sink opening by pressing it into the sink until it snaps into place.

13. Test garbage disposal.

For all models, you should test for leaks at the sink flange, dishwasher, tailpipe and mounting assembly connections. Finally, turn on the electrical circuit breaker to test its operation.

Tools needed

1. Plumber’s Putty (0.1 kg)
2. Nut (No. 2 54)
3. Worm gear clamp
4. Dishwasher drain connector kit (optional)
5. Hammer slot
6. locking pliers
7. flat head screwdriver
8. Phillips screwdriver
9. pipe wrench